nothing like a little praise...



Costa Rica is Pura Vida! No doubt about it - we were here nine years ago and certainly many things have changed, but we still found the area enchanting. The warmth and sunshine were restorative (after a very wet Northwest winter), the tropical beauty delights the eyes, and the symphony of birds, insects + inhabitants of the jungle padded us awake and lulled us to sleep. And Lunatica's Villita was the perfect setting to absorb all of this into our beings and take it with us. Morning coffee on the deck watching the day awaken and margarita sunsets were some of our favorite times. Atlthough we looked forward to returning to Playa Manuel Antonio, we were pleased to discover the wonders of Playa Espadilla Norte and sweet little Playa Biesanz. Without a car, we had the luxury of exploring our "neighborhood" and loved discovering so many little things we just drove by last time. We walked, we swam, we cooked, we indulged ourselves in tranquilty. A million thanks to Ralf for having such a haven and to Thomas for all his friendly assistance. For other guests: 1) Don't miss the market on Saturday mornings, 2) whitewater rafting was great fun and 3) the Rainmaker tour was first class and fascinating.

Linda & Gordon P.
Portland, OR



"We were delighted to find the Villita to be not only all that was advertised but more. We found the people friendly and wonderful and the country beautiful, but most of all we enjoyed when we came back from a long days drive to sit on the deck and enjoy a drink and watch the sun set, or in the mornings have breakfast outside and see the wild life."

Many Thanks,

James & Lydia B.
Columbia, MD

"Well, at the end of my first trip to Costa Rica I can only say... AMAZING! The house was everything we dreamed of and more, but the thing we loved most about Costa Rica - the Ticos. Everyone was so gracious, accommodating and warm. The canopy tour and white water rafting were our adventures of choice and were great, again because of the friendly Tico guides. We loved Barbara & Thomas & Martina (daughter) - hopefully when they visit the States, they will be shown equal hospitality!"


Andrea & Kristin
SF-Bay Area, CA

"Joe & I came from Maine looking for some R&R and summer, both of which seemed to have otherwise passed us by this year. The little house has been perfect - serene and sensuous. Uncluttered literally and figuratively it has been an excellent place to feel the rhythm of hours and to learn about Costa Rica. We have been amply entertained by the squirrel monkeys & white faced monkeys, serenaded by crickets, frogs and songbirds - a happy choir - and mesmerized by the changing light and color of the sea and sky. More R&R and we may not be able to move!

Thanks to Ralf & Nina, Barbara & Thomas and the maid who cleaned the casita."

Joseph H. & Lesley H.
Freeport, MN

"After we decided to come to Costa Rica, we agonized over whether to stay in a resort or take a chance on something called "LunaTica", which for all we knew could've been a restored asylum or maybe even a current one. Of course all the pictures on the Internet don't do this place any sort of justice, as we happily found after spending a week here - mostly out on the deck watching the birds. We went to Manuel Antonio Park without a guide, but saw great wildlife anyway, including armadillo, agouti, white-faced monkeys and about a zillion iguanas. Here's our list of recommendations for future guests:

1) You can definitely get by without a car. We rented one and barely used it - also, do NOT try to drive a Hyundai down that driveway!

2) The Canopy Safari is really cool. Don't expect to see much wildlife, but it's a pretty unique experience, what with the cables & pulleys and zipping around in the treetops.

3) White water rafting is also really fun, but be prepared for obstacles - flat tires, downed trees in the road, all before we even got to the river!

Barbara & Thomas were immeasurably helpful, and Ralf & Nina were staying here the same week, so we got the grand tour of the BIG HOUSE - we're coming back with 10 of our closest friends as soon as possible."

Kristen M. & Brian M.
Tucson, AZ

"I can not imagine a more perfect week than the one we spent here. The house is open and relaxed, the view is amazing and we had wonderful hosts."

"We have nearly a week left in this beautiful country, but it's hard to imagine it being as perfect as our week here was. We spent our days in the park, on beaches, and taking tours, but every afternoon we were back here sitting on the deck watching the weather move in. What an amazing feel this place has! We'll be back."

Gracias, Ralf, Nina, Thomas y Barbara!

Jani K. & Matt E.
Oakland & Berkeley, CA

"The Casita and Quepos were much more than we expected! Manuel Antonio was incredible and beautiful: Monkeys, lizards, birds (pelicans, toucans!), beaches and hikes hot & sweaty, but well worth it for the gorgeous vistas! It was a treat to stay in this simple casita... everything in one place with the most beautiful view and the most comfortable hammock, singing birds at 4 AM, the breeze, the late night rain, the monkeys in the trees, the squeaking lizards and the ambulance bugs at sunset time. And most of all the chance to spend some real quality time together, to rest and relax from our US worries.

Thanks, for making our last week in Costa Rica so memorable!"

Don S. & Jacqui V.
San Jose, CA

We came for rest and relaxation, and that’s exactly what we got... most we enjoyed the deck and los monos... Barbara & Thomas are perfect managers and Ralf & Nina are perfect hosts”.

Robin & Pete C.
Lafayette, CA


“One side of the ridge is cold & foggy, the other is hot & dry. Just by choosing where you stand, you alter your destiny.”
This has altered ours.”

Electra & Ron S.
San Francisco, CA


“We explored Manuel Antonio National Park yesterday - pure magic! Walk for a bit, bypass the beautiful beaches, and really get deep into the jungle. That is where the true magic begins. The jungle surrounds your senses from all sides - at your feet, and 100 feet above your head... and the white faced monkeys - what showboats and performers. Small, graceful, with human-like expressions, and the ability to charm even the most uninspired soul.”

“Last day in this wonderful little bungalow. I am very glad we began our vacation in Manuel Antonio. The people, places and food have made this a place to remember. Jen and I will always remember especially our first week as husband & wife here”.
"Pura Vida to all who visit this magnificent place!”

Jenniffer & Michael V.E.
San Jose, CA


“If we would have known how beautiful and peaceful this was, we would not have spent a week in San Jose. We would have come here for the two weeks vacation instead. Of all our trips we have had, this is it! My husband wants to come back to Costa Rica and stay for good.”

“I love the rain, the birds, the flowers,the jungle and of course the people. But not the stairs going up to heaven!”

Angie & Oscar


"Wow. What a wonderful time we had here. If we had only had this house and Manuel Antonio, it would have been enough - but then to discover “our own” private beach (Biesanz beach)... it’s more than we could have hoped.
We loved the beaches, and the people in Costa Rica are super cool. This house is beautiful, simple and really has good vibes. Can't wait to return."

Carol Z. & Michael G.


“Yo, Ralf you minimalist, quite a place you created here! But would you tell that one loud bird to cool it at 5 AM in the morning. Is he related to the rooster or what? I can’t make up my mind: Are you a mystical romantic? (oh those lights, that picture, that music!) Or are you a pragmatist? (well stocked kitchen, cute washing machine, those curtains move so easily!) One thing is for sure: You are an exceptional designer, assuming you designed this house in detail - flawless!
After reading the previous entries, I can see how guests may have had mystical, religious (even serendipity?) experiences. We , however, trudged, sloshed and sweated our way through quite a few national parks for five weeks before coming here for our last week of stay."

Night of the Iguanaman
not a true-Californian

“John and I will highly recommend Ralf’s house and Manuel Antonio to all friends and family, looking for a perfect getaway. We also highly recommend the off-season as a time to come here. We had plenty of sun, but also a few rain storms which were great.
John chose the beautiful desk here as a spot to ask me to marry him - after dating for nine years - which tells you something about the romance and beauty of this place.
The restaurants are really good. We’ve been to a few tropical spots in Mexico, etc. and there has never been as nice a range of places to eat - all views and locations are great.”

“Just wade around and enjoy the air, the house and the sun!”

Stacey K. & John H.
San Francisco, CA


"Norman & I are on our honeymoon. This is paradise! The sound of the ocean, birds, insects - just sitting here watching”

Sylvia & Norman W.
Livermore, CA


"...Perhaps just a reminder of how hard you worked to get here and how much you wanted a perfect vacation. For whatever your reasons are for being here - you realize it is even more perfect than you have hoped for. This spot that overlooks the vast blue Pacific, not only allows your eyes the pleasure, but your ears as well - especially at night, you can really hear the waves. The varieties of greenery are overwhelming and the sounds of the animals complete the circle of relaxation. And the people - well, I have never in all my travels met kinder and more hospitable people then the Ticos.
We will return to Costa Rica - to visit, to vacation, perhaps to live."

Dyane & Nate G.
Sonoma, CA


"Ralf & Nina, I must tell you, that your loft of style and minimalistic flair is impeccable! This house is much more than a great get-away-spot, it is a reflection of the caring individuals you are, hosts extraordinaire!"

Bob F.
San Rafael, CA