rants and raves...


Ralf and Nina,
John and I just got back from our stay in Costa Rica, and wanted to thank you for our stay at Lunatica. It defined the relaxation of our stay; we found that every detail throughout the villa had been addressed, to ensure the comfort of its guests.
The villa is beautiful; photos do not do it justice. The architecture is absolutely breath-taking and reflects an obvious dedication to design integrity, elemental innovation and environmental inspiration. I am awestruck by the villa's details, particularly the liberal use of almond and confident use of space. It's absolutely gorgeous. When I asked Thomas for the name of the architect, I was further impressed to hear that you yourself can claim the work. I hear that most of your training is in another field, and must ask where your passion for architecture began and how you developed it? (I think the majority of professionals in the field spend a lifetime fumbling to design something like Lunatica; I commend your sensibilities.)

Thomas, by the way, does a marvelous job; he's brilliant at choreographing all the little details of managing the property while maintaining an air of ease and charisma. He had answers to every question and obviously knew both the property and the area intimately.
I would like to suggest that, for smaller groups, perhaps guests can have flexibility in the frequency of the maid.
Other than that, everything was perfect.

Again, thank you. Villa Lunatica was exactly what we were looking for and served as the perfect location for relaxing and absorbing the environment. I could not hold a higher review of it.

All our best,
Krista and John
Denver, CO



"What an architectural masterpiece you have here, our time in Costa Rica could not have been better. We could not have had a more beautiful home to come to. Thomas was great, as were the housekeeper, pool-man and the chef. This week has been a living dream. The only drawback is, that we must awake tomorrow to say good bye to the serenity and peacefulness of this Garden of Eden. We spent our sixth anniversary here only to find, we know and love each other six times more than we did on our wedding. We will go back to the States with more enthusiasm and lust for life, knowing one day there is a place to retire, where people are kind, but give you your space, where nature is pure, but not unknown and where time has no value.

We will visit again in the near future and look forward to staying at LunaTica again. Thanks again for the hospitality."

Jim & Rhonda H.
Austin, TX


"This is truly one of the rare beauties of the world, and LunaTica is a heavenly paradise. The views are breathtaking and the ambiance of our secluded paradise leaves me without words - you have to experience it yourself, because no word can quite give the whole picture! You could just stay in this beautiful home the whole time. However, if you do like to venture out, there are unlimited things you'll find to do: River rafting was really fun and the waterfall was beautiful. The canopy tour will give you a thrill! Today was the best adventure yet: We went offshore fishing with Bluefin Tours. Even if you are not a fisherman, you will have a blast and many memories to share. We caught several Sailfish and a Mahi Mahi. As I'm writing this, the chef is preparing our fish along with a full course meal. It smells out of this world! Tomorrow is unfortunately our last day, and we are going on a sail and snorkel with the dolphins.

Aside from our adventures, this is like a honeymoon we never had before. There is something magical about this paradise. We spent all Sunday lying in the hammocks together and relaxing in the beautiful pool - I wish we had another week. We realize, that we need to start making these special times ALL the time. We had a trip of a lifetime!!!

Thank you Ralf and Nina for sharing your beautiful house. I hope you have it for years to come, we will definitely be back!"

Phillip & Altera R.
Austin, TX


"This is a magnificent setting for enjoying friends and family. The house is beautiful and easy, the view inspires and the animals and plants are unique. We loved it and our experiences together here."

Monica R.  w / family & friends
Mt. Pleasant, MI


"This place is tremendous!!! I have had fantastic times! Thanks for letting us be here to enjoy this paradise. I can't think of a better place to spend a birthday... this place made me feel 20 again!

I will miss my morning coffees looking out to the sea, while sitting on the balcony. I'll miss the sunsets, the monkeys and the blue shower!"

Thanks!!!        I'll be back!
Mona B.
Mountain View, CA

"Fabulous - beautiful - amazing!

The best way to spend Thanksgiving and ANY day - THANK YOU!"

Bill & Jen C. / Ron & Lara
San Leandro, CA


"We had a wonderful stay. Too bad we found the swimm beaches so late in our trip. Biesanz beach is great and not too bad of a hike. Also the beach at Tulemar is wonderful..."

Mady T. & friends
Marietta, GA


"The most phenomenal way for a mother to spend her special birthday has been in your delightful home. My children surprised me with this gift - I can sincerely recommend spending all future birthdays in this tropical paradise.

Mit freundlichen Gruss!"

Benice, Xander & Lara 
Boston, San Francisco, New York


"We have had a wonderful week and have enjoyed the house tremendously. We particularly enjoyed sitting on the balcony, from which we surveyed the local animals. Several times we saw monkeys and many beautiful birds and butterflies. Manuel Antonio Park is as well a wonderful place for animal seeing - we recommend going early in the morning."

Carolyn & John W.
Washington, DC



"We've just completed an unique and exotic stay at LunaTica. We've spent quite a bit of time admiring the engineering necessary to produce this spectacular home. Wildlife was prevalent during the last 5 days...every other day, between 3:30 and 5:00 a troop of 12-16 capuchin monkeys in the trees in front of the pool. They seem to be completing a circuit. Also a coati, numerous lizards and the often heard (but not seen) howler monkeys. Bird species spotted include the Ani, spectacular humming birds....The pool is great.... don't forget the pool lights at night - great colors! Enjoy the jungle, tropical rainfalls and night sounds...

Thanks Thomas, we had a great time."
Richard & Jean P.
Gillette, NJ


"Thank you so much. We have had a wonderful 10 days. Ralf - the pool is spectacular and I have spent most of my time in and around it. The house is majestic - it's so graceful and so grand - the sunrises from the top bedroom are breathtaking. One of the highlights of our stay was meeting (seeing) our friend the howler monkey. Jim managed to make a conversation with him by mimicking his howls! They chatted for about half an hour until the howler discovered that Jim was a fake- then he was off. We look forward to coming back again and again."

See you soon,


Katie & Jimmy            
Oakland, CA 

"Wow... what a magical place. Thank you Ralf & Nina for letting us share your beautiful house with Jim & Katie. This week has definitely been the highlight of our month long vacation in Costa Rica."

Christa, Caleb, Sam & Andrew



"If not for the need to arise at 4:00 A.M. and depart, I might want to say more, but such as it is, an exotic coastal & jungle experience had by all.

The house is superlative. Muchas gracias para todo!"

Paul D. & friends 
Silicon Valley, CA


"... We had a splendid time at your home in Quepos. It was comfortable, grand, and in a beautiful setting. We were able to be busy or relaxed, whatever we wanted. I can't get over the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. I will probably be going back soon."

Stephen & Patrice B.
Babylon, NY



”... Thank you for building such a beautiful place and renting it, so I could visit. I have traveled all over the world and I can honestly say, this was the best vacation I have ever had. I found your home exquisite, artistic, and truly unique. I only rent homes when I vacation, never stay in hotels, and your home surpassed anything I have rented. It was a pleasure to stay there. I loved Costa Rica, and my husband and I are already planning to spend next winter there."

Laura A. + friends
Ann Harbor, MI


“I wouldn’t have thought it possible to create a worthy counterpoint to nature’s beauty here, but you have done it! I really can’t express how much we have admired and appreciated this magnificent house; what imagination in its conception, and what passion in its execution. Thank you also for your professionalism and sincere concern that we have a magical time - we did!
To those arriving later: Massages in the hammock-bay - HEAVENLY!
- facials also great...
Hope you enjoy this incredible special place as much as we have.”

Steven W. & his Millennium crew


“Truly one of the most lovely places I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time in.”

Edwin D.


“What a great house! There were almost as many sloths outside as inside!”

Hal M.

“Three-toed sloths were my favorite viewings - a mama and her baby stayed in the neighborhood as did two other adults. The howler monkey was helpful to get us up at 5 AM, in time for our day of (even more) adventure on the “canopy safari” - great fun and food. We highly recommend it...
What a fabulous first visit to Costa Rica we’ve had! Thanks Ralf+Nina for creating this wonderful, comfortable, artistic space. Thank you Thomas for your help with management details and providing a cake for our birthday celebration!
Glad your beautiful, intriguing website caught our eye.
The pool should be a wonderful addition to your paradise.”

Kathy P.



“If not for my beloved dog Bryher at home and HERSHEY’s chocolate, I’d never have left!“

Cindy D.


“Your home is wonderful!!! This has been the best part of our honeymoon.
Thank you so much for your hospitality. We will definitely be back!!!”

“Only one complaint - not enough room for two!”

David & Lorna G.
San Francisco



“Rain forest - great design - lovely home - thank you for doing the work, getting the award! We’ll be back - Ciao”

Sadie, Coyle, Donna, Joe, Steve, Kathy
San Francisco

“This truly has been a week in paradise. We’ve experienced “La Pura Vida” and want more!
The house is wonderful, Thomas has been accommodating beyond the call...
We’ve enjoyed sunsets off the deck watching wildlife pass endlessly by.”

“See you next year or sooner...”

Mike L. & wife
Irving, TX



“Everything is alive here! There is always some creature to watch. Tim and I have spent most of our time on the wonderful deck with the binoculars, scanning for creatures. For two days we have been graced with the presence of a two-toed sloth (we named him Gonzales, as in Speedy Gonzales). We have also been visited by a pack of white faced monkeys. One was a mother with a very small baby on its back, so playful...
The lesson for us, in this particular setting, is don’t try to do too much and before you know it, you have noticed and appreciated the surroundings in a way that passes you by in the regular hustle of life.
This home is amazing. The space - the light - the showers. Tim and I have had a tremendous honeymoon thanks to Lunatica, Ralf and Nina.
Your home is a wonderful combination of elegance and comfort.
Thank you for your hospitality and your vision.”

Lisa & Tim S.
Santa Cruz, CA


“What a delight to share your dream house - it is spectacular! The six of us especially enjoyed the ample space, the opportunity for privacy as well as sharing the common areas.
We loved our visit to Costa Rica - we have jungle fever.”

David & Rosemary S. & friends
Mishawaka, IN

list of references upon request